Evicting Squatters

As with tenants, squatters have rights too but without a contract with the property owner you will find evicting squatters is a much more contentious area. Although squatting is a criminal offence as set out in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, the offenders cannot be removed without a court order.

Legal 4 Landlords have all the experienced legal knowledge required to ensure the fastest possible eviction of squatters with hundreds of successful cases and years of practice by our team.

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Squatter Eviction Process

Fixed Fee £799 Option 1

Urgent Squatter Eviction Date

Legal 4 Landlords will urgently draft proceedings, take a witness statement, and issue proceedings at court, with an early hearing date set usually within 14 days. Once the hearing is obtained, we will also arrange for papers to be served on the squatters, an advocate will attend the hearing to obtain a possession order and for the order to be served on the squatters. Once a possession order has been obtained, the squatters need to be evicted. For speed we arrange for High Court Sheriffs to set down an urgent eviction date, which takes a further 7 days (approximately). This is all included in the fixed fee service.

Fixed Fee £849 Option 2

Removing Squatters

For a fixed fee we will work with High Court Sheriffs to evict the squatters. To avoid a delay with the county court arranging bailiffs to evict squatters, which can take several weeks, we arrange High Court Sheriffs to enforce the possession order.

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